Monday, March 28, 2011

[San] Luca, Luca, Luca

Last week a few of my classmates (the ones new to Bologna) and I walked up the longest portico in the world (yes, the WORLD!) to visit one of Bologna's most famous spots, the Sanctuary of the Maddonna di San Luca!

The portico up is a whopping 3.5 kilometers made up of 666 arches (ironic, no?) that was constructed from 1674 to 1793. When my classmates asked me how long it took, you know since I've done the walk at least 10 times before, I stupidly replied "oh like 30 minutes?". Clearly it takes longer than that. Haha.

The thing is about long uphill walks is that once you reach the top, you completely forget how long and difficult the road up was. (That's a nice life lesson for you!) So though I had walked this walk a bunch of times before, I completely forgot that the entire thing takes about an hour and a half and over half the time you are walking up this huge hill looking forward towards a long portico that never seems to end. But that being said, it's a lovely walk and I'll probably do it every so often for a bit of exercise. The views of Bologna are beautiful and you can't beat a long uphill walk to work your muscles.

On the topic of Luca, I leave you with a classic Italian song from the 1970s called "Luca" by Raffaella Carra' because it's been stuck in my head for days (thank you for that Kelly...).
For those of you that understand Italian, listen to the words and giggle a little. It's about a girl who finds her boyfriend kissing a beautiful blonde man ;)

Luca, Luca, Luca
Cosa ti è successo?
Luca, Luca, con chi sei adesso?
Luca, Luca, Non si saprà mai!

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