Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pre-trip prep (or lack thereof)

I got my Italian visa! I'm legally allowed to reside in Italy for the next 365 days + 3 months...... EEEEEk! Though in theory I'll be in South Africa for 4 months and probably won't return to Italy after Christmas since I'll most likely do my internship/thesis elsewhere :/ But who knows, we'll see!

Had my last day at Vintage (the retirement community I worked at for the past 4 months) on Feb 28. Twas bittersweet. It was nice to feel all the love of everyone and exciting to be moving on to bigger things, but I really loved all my coworkers and seniors, so saying goodbye was hard. I really had a great experience working with the seniors! As I was telling the residents, my experience at Vintage was really an unexpected treat. I just wanted to find a job that wasn't Starbucks, and ended up spending 4 months at one of the best jobs I could ever imagine! I learned a lot and definitely feel I look at life a little differently now. I'll miss you Vintage Silver Creek!!

So now we're down to 6 days until takeoff. Tomorrow I leave for 4 nights in LA/SD and then when I get back I'll spend a day packing everything and then I'm off! CRAZY!

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