Sunday, March 13, 2011

On how Bo just makes me smile...

After a quite comfortable flight and no travel disasters to speak of, I arrived at my new apartment in Bologna, Italy on Thursday, March 10 at 11:30pm. Due to old connections I have in town, I was able to find a Californian girl who needed to sublease her single room from March-July. The room is perfect and so is the location. I'm so lucky!

The next day, my dear friend Kelly came to stay with me for the weekend! Kelly also went to UCSD and studied abroad with me in Bologna 3 years ago when we were 20 year old babies. We had a lovely weekend just hanging out together under the portici, visiting our old haunting grounds and eating gelato. I was a bit tired and out of it from jetlag, but Kelly stuck with me and overall I persevered. We had a fun weekend enjoying the city and I couldn't ask for a better first weekend back.

I can't express just how wonderful it was to have an old friend to be with for the first weekend I'm back in Bologna. I spent an entire year in Bologna enjoying life like I had never enjoyed it before, so I know the city well, but Bologna for me is a little lonely and empty feeling without all the people that were here with me 3 years ago. It was nice to relive the past a bit with Kelly and get excited about the next 4 months I have to fill this city with new memories.

An interesting thing I've noticed about Bologna is that just walking around this city seems to make me happy. Walking down the street I feel my heart sore and my lips twist into a small carefree smile. This city is so much more beautiful than I remember and the entire aura is just so light and carefree.

The life I led in Bo 3 years ago was lovely and to be back now is like cheating fate. I'm living a once in a lifetime experience AGAIN. Lady Destiny somehow threw me a lovely life path that has allowed me to circle back into town on a different street, trying out a different angle. I'm promising myself and all you out there that I will take advantage and enjoy my life in Bo to it's fullest for the time that I am here. Wooohooo!

And FYI I have an extra mattress waiting for any friends/family who want to visit :)

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