Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where have you been all year?? (part 3, London)

Oh London, land of pompous English speakers and gloomy weather. My mother had taken us to London in 4th grade, so I'd done the "touristy" London before. This few day stopover was more of a trip to visit my good friend Charlotte (another friend from studying abroad in Italy that had somehow found herself back abroad again...) who was living in London at the time doing her master in contemporary art.

So London was filled with wondering around, seeing some museums, and going to random modern art events with Charlotte and her class friends. London is a dynamic, huge city with a diverse population of inhabitants, but it just doesn't have that special beautiful "thing" for me that other big cities I've been to have had. Honestly, to me, London is overrated, but a cool city nonetheless. I was there to visit my friend and we had a lovely weekend, end of story.

One particularly interesting museum I went to was the World War II Churchill war bunker museum! It's located in the war bunker in which Churchill and his advisers lived and worked during the height of WWII. It was super interested to read all about the English involvement in WWII and see all the funny mannequin representations of war planning scenes.

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